Where Purity and Simplicity meets


Product Importation

We import healthy-conscious food products with natural ingredients from trusted international suppliers.
  • Access to a diverse and premium selection of products.
  • Assurance of product quality through careful sourcing

Warehouse Management

Our warehousing operations are handled by a partner company, complying with industry best practices for secure storage.
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Inventory tracking and management systems


We distribute our imported products to the country’s leading retail chains, ensuring wider consumer access and brand visibility.
  • Wider accessibility of our products to consumers.
  • Streamlined distribution network for retail partners.
  • Ity Foods handles its own trucking and logistics.
Why Us

Value Proposition

We are your trusted partner for seamless, reliable, and food-based product distribution. Our commitment to excellence is at the core of everything we do, and our unique value proposition reflects our dedication to your success.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality above all else. Ensuring that you receive only the best options available. Our products are not only exceptionally delicious but also packed with nutrition, ensuring that you receive nothing but the optimum choices.

Diverse Product Portfolio

We offer a diverse range of products with natural ingredients, catering to a variety of consumer preferences.

Reliable Distribution

Backed by our efficient logistics and a strong distribution network, we assure on-time deliveries. Our commitment to keeping your shelves consistently stocked with the products your customers adore is unwavering.

Industry Expertise

Backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of the food industry, retail and marketing  our team provides valuable insights and strategic developments.

About Us

Who we are

Leading the Way: Ity Foods’ Journey of Innovation and Resilience in Food Distribution.

At Ity Foods, we are not just adapting to change, we ́re leading it

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and partnership defines us as a
company that not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger and more determined
than ever to create a brighter future for our business and the food distribution.

Ity Foods was born amid unprecedented global challenges and the emergence of innovative business paradigms in response to lockdowns.

In an era defined by uncertainty, we embarked on a daring metamorphosis, sculpting our business model into one characterized by agility and cost-effectiveness. This evolution was not merely a reaction to circumstances but a dedicated commitment to redefining the future of food distribution.

We’ve harnessed the invaluable lessons gleaned from the pandemic, propelling us forward as a steadfast and forward-thinking enterprise, fortified by our unwavering resilience.»